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  • Can I book Tickets Online at Cinescape?
    • Yes, you can book tickets online at Cinescape. You can register for free at Cinescape, and start using the online booking right away.

  • How will I pay when I book my tickets online at Cinescape.?
    • If you have a Cinescape Club card, you can book tickets online, provided you have credit on your card.
      If you have a KNET Card or Any Credit Card issued from Kuwait, you can use it book tickets online at Cinescape.

  • How Can I buy a Cinescape Club Card ?
    • You can buy a Cinescape Club card from Any of our cinemas, or you can order it online. Want to order one now ?? click here.

  • What Can I do when the Credit in my club card if over. ?
    • You can buy a recharge code from any of our cinemas, or you can recharge it online through our website.

  • Can I cancel my reservation done online?
    • Yes, you can cancel your reservation, 2 hours before your show starts.

  • How will Cinescape refund the money after I cancel my reservation?
    • For Bank Card transactions, no refunds will be issued to your Bank Account. Instead, you'll be given credit(Coupon, valid for 30 days) with Cinescape to book online again.
      For Cinescape Club Card transactions, the transaction amount will be credited back to the Club Card.
      For Coupon transactions, a new coupon will be issued(the expiry date will remain the same as the previous coupon.)

  • What is a coupon list, that appears in my profile?
    • A coupon is a virtual credit issued by KNCC when you cancel a reservation made by bank card. This coupon is valid for 30 days and can be used to pay for an online booking, worth the coupon value.
      The status "Unused" is shown when the coupon is valid and can be used for online bookings.
      The status "Used" is shown when you have used the full value of the coupon.
      The status "Expired" is shown when you have not used the full value of the coupon and the validity date is over.

  • I have more than one coupon. Can I merge them all?
    • Yes, you can merge all the coupons as a single coupon but the expiry date for the coupon will be changed to the nearest date amongst the coupons you tried to merge.

  • How will I know my reservation is successful?
    • Once your reservation has been successful, the confirmation message will be displayed to you on the monitor.
      In addition, Cinescape will send you SMS and Email confirmation messages to the mobile and email you had provided during registration.

  • What is Ticket Collection Number?
    • Once you have reserved you tickets online using Bank Card or Coupons, a 8 digit number will be displayed to you on the monitor. This is the Ticket Collection Number.
      Cinescape will also send you the Ticket Collection Number by SMS and Email to the mobile and email you had provided during registration. So please make sure that you have provided you own Mobile and Email in your profile. To edit your profile Click Here.
      It is this number that you have to use collect your ticket from the Kiosk Machine. Without the number your Tickets will not be issued.

  • How can I collect my tickets after I reserve online?
    • Once your reservation is successful, all you need to do is walk to any of our kiosk machines or boxoffice cashiers at the cinema which you reserved for and swipe you Smart card or enter the Ticket Collection Number.
      Follow the easy instructions displayed to you and your ticket/s will be printed.

  • I forgot my username and password. What can I do?
    • There are 2 options that Cinescape provides you to retrieve your password.
      1. By answering the secret question you provided during registration.
      2. By emailing the password to address you had provided during registration.
      If you have forgotten your username and password, our Call Center agents can help you out in retrieving the same. Our Call Center number is 180-3456.

  • Can I reserve ticket/s through phone?
    • If you have a cinescape club card or any credit card, yes, all you have to do is call 180-3456 and our call center agents will be glad to help you in reserving the tickets for you.
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